La nueva tarjeta gráfica de AMD 570 pulveriza a la Nvidia 1050Ti

mayo 05, 2017 Tecnología 0

La imagen que ves es el rendimiento que da la nueva tarjeta gráfica de AMD, más abajo tienes la fuente original la cuál se han realizado las pruebas.

* Testing done by AMD Performance Labs February 15 2017 using an Intel Core i7 5960X (@3.0GHz), 16GB DDR4-2666 MHz memory, AMD display driver 17.10, NV WHQL Driver 376.33 and Windows 10 (64bit). PC manufacturers may vary configurations yielding different results. The following games were tested at 1080p: DOOM (Ultra Presets, Vulkan), Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (High Quality, DX11), Resident Evil 7 (Ultra Presets, DX11), Battlefield 1 (Ultra Presets, DX12), and Sniper Elite (High Presets, DX12). The Radeon™ RX 570 (4GB) scored 92.4, 81.6, 102.9, 79.5 and 68.5 respectively. The ZOTAC GTX 1050Ti scored 53.1, 47.8, 61.9, 47.8 and 39.0 respectively. All scores in average FPS and are an average of 3 runs with the same settings. Performance may vary based on use of latest drivers. RX-94

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